Aircons Versus Modern Ceiling Fans – Which is the Best Option for Your Home?

Homeowners are very happy to invest in the best modern ceiling fans. Not only is it functional in cooling and heating, but also aesthetically pleasing.

As crisp fall temperatures come to the fore while hot and humid conditions depart, you can shut down the aircon, open your windows, then turn on the ceiling fans on a high setting in your home. There is nothing one loves more during early fall than the fresh breezes that circulate throughout your home.

Due to various ugly versions, the ceiling fan got a bad rap. That was until the modern ceiling fan made their appearance. What comes to mind is the Cirrus, which happens to be a current and straightforward version, made available in a variety of designs.

Whether your home is equipped with low or high ceilings, needing lights or not, this is the fan for you.

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep where you get to slumber with a welcome breeze, coming from a well-designed ceiling fan.

The Cirrus is known for providing superior air circulation, even though it is only 13-inches long. It comes in a glossy white and a drop rod. You can quickly pop it up against your sunroom wooden-paned ceiling.

Sustainability is the name of the game and forms an integral part of any interior. Some examples include natural ventilation that involves no air-conditioning, natural lighting, solar-powered energy, exposed concrete flooring, large overhangs to help reduce the summer heat, and reclaimed wood sidings.

The Cirrus, offered by prominent ceiling fan companies like Modern Fan is very useful when you have a new patio and is approved for covered outdoor areas and for use in damp areas.

With minimalist furnishings and an industrial vibe, the brushed-aluminum, and sleek Cirrus is fondly referred to as the cherry ceiling fan as it not only circulate air properly, but even feng shui practitioners tend to believe that it moves energy all around. The bedroom is an excellent area for this.

Some Cirrus fans feature lighting, which is an excellent option to illuminate your dining room area.

Would You Say Ceiling Fans Kills Design?

Ceiling fans, in general, get a bad rap for either being outdated and clunky. That is until you come across more sleek styles and some pros offered by prominent companies who provide a host of modern-day fans.

Would you say that ceiling fans are designed suicide? Hardly! It has been a hot topic for some time now. One interior designer hit the nail on the head when she exclaimed – “What can be worse than sweating like crazy in your home?”

Besides, why would anyone want to put appearance ahead of comfort? That is definitely not good design. It should instead be regarded as vanity.

If you have a bit of vanity in you, then there is still hope for modern fans that have come a long way regarding style and design.

It is critical to select the right fan for your rooms concerning style and proportion. If you happen to have a cathedral ceiling, then you will find ample opportunity to add something big and bold. Which is why a fan can form a significant part of the design element.

One needs to be aware of the fact that not all fans are attention grabbers. Take the Minka Aire fan for instance that is favored by a top interior designer as it blends in well with any style ceiling due to the ease of decorating around it. The fan is also very quiet.

Do you prefer lights or no lights with your ceiling fans?

Some designers may have been biased against fans with lights. That is until they realize that one wouldn’t even notice the lights in modern-day ceiling fans. They are so streamlined and contemporary. Should your room require an overhead light, why not get yourself a modern fan to fulfill this function?

Many of you may still recall the traditional style ceiling fans that had five bulbs covered with glass shades that tended to shake, rattle and collect a lot of dust.

Modern fans are so much subtler as it incorporates light sources that are quieter.

Also, who said that ceiling fans have to hang from the center part of your room?